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From vast vistas formed from ancient volcanos, to quiet streams and cedar forests, Idaho is a nature-enthusiast’s dream. The geography of Idaho is diverse; dotted with dune-filled deserts, glacial lakes, white-water rapids, snow-capped mountains, and old-growth forests. There are plenty of things to do and explore in Idaho.

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  • White Clouds Trail Loop

    White Clouds Trail Loop

    The White Clouds Trail Loop is a majestic and fairly challenging 30-mile hike through Cecil D. Andrus-White Cloud Wilderness area, which is part of the Sawtooth Mountain Range outside of Stanley, Idaho. Named for Cecil D. Andrus, Idaho’s last Democratic Governor and famed conservationist, the park is a popular camping and recreation area due…

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  • Idaho invests in drug treatments and mental health

    Idaho invests in drug treatments and mental health

    A press release from the Office of the Governor Idaho seeks to reduce crime by investing in drug treatment and mental health services Boise, Idaho – The State of Idaho is taking steps to make Idaho safer and save taxpayer dollars by increasing drug treatment and mental health services in Idaho communities as part…

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  • Mormon Crickets Swarm in Idaho

    Mormon Crickets Swarm in Idaho

    This year Mormon Crickets swarm in Idaho. Anabrus simplex, or the Mormon Cricket, is a large insect. It can grow to almost 3 inches. You can find them in Idaho’s sagebrush regions and throughout North America’s west. Named by Mormon settlers in Utah these crickets (technically they are Katydids) can gather in swarms which…

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  • Map of Idaho from 1906

    Map of Idaho from 1906

    A user on reddit found this very old map in Washington DC. It was published by Scientific American in “The Americana” in 1906!

  • Leslie Gulch

    Leslie Gulch

    Leslie Gulch is a canyon in Malheur County, Oregon, United States. It is on the east side of Owyhee Lake, a reservoir on the Owyhee River. Yeah sure it’s technically in OR, but it’s so close we can just ignore that technicality. Its abundant and striking rock formations are made of tuff. Tuff is…

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  • Bogus Basin Ski Resort

    Bogus Basin Ski Resort

    Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is a ski area in Boise County, Idaho, sixteen road miles north-northeast of the city of Boise. Bogus is operated by the Bogus Basin Recreation Association, a non-profit organization, and it operates on private and leased land in the Boise National Forest. Bogus Basin Ski Resort is mostly designed…

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